Trigger Point Dry Needling

What is Trigger Point Dry Needling and How Can it Benefit You?

Trigger Point Dry Needling(TDN) is the insertion of a very small needle (acupuncture needle) into the muscle in an area that is causing pain and contains a “trigger point”. During the treatment session, a healthy muscle with no underlying conditions will produce little to no pain while a muscle that is sensitive and shortened or has trigger points can produce sensations of cramping.

TDN is an effective holistic treatment option for acute and chronic pain, as well as assisting in the rehabilitation of injuries and preventing future injury and pain. It can be used to treat many conditions including tendinopathies and other orthopedic and sports-related injuries in the areas of the hip, spine (lumbar, thoracic, and cervical), thigh, shoulder, TMJ and face, and upper and lower extremities. It is also an effective treatment for shin splints, rotator cuff injuries, tennis/golfers elbow, sciatica, hamstring, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Preliminary research has shown that TDN improves pain, relieves tension, and allows for a quicker return to normal function. While adverse reactions are not common, they are usually confined to minimal bleeding and tenderness at the needling site and do not last long. TDN usually produces positive results within 2 to 4 treatment sessions. These results are affected by how long the patient has suffered from the condition, the cause of the condition, the patients overall health and commitment to treatment.

At Gateway, Physiotherapist Jody Luesby and Charles Pépin have both become certified in TDN as a treatment method. If you are interested in pursuing TDN treatment or have any questions, give us a call at 705-474-4440 or email us at