How Gateway Physio came to be!

The Story of Gateway Physiotherapy


In honour of Canadian Physiotherapy Month, we would like to share with you the story of how Gateway Physiotherapy came to be the clinic that it is today. Let’s start from the beginning…

Charles Pépin was a student athlete who chose to attend a Human Kinetics program. While in this program he volunteered as an athletic therapist which led to his love of assessing and treating injuries. Combined with a passion for helping people this led to the logical choice of physiotherapy. 

Marie-Josée Forget (MJ) spent her high school and University summers working for the Easter Seals summer camps. As a camp councillor she received training from a physiotherapist to learn how to transfer children out of their wheelchairs, do their stretches and even perform some chest physiotherapy for those children with lung issues. This was her first exposure to physiotherapy as a possible career choice. Working with children with disabilities really opened her eyes to the importance of physiotherapy. After a bit of research, she learned all of the amazing things that a physiotherapist can treat and she was convinced that this was what she wanted to do with her life.

Charles and MJ met when they both moved to North Bay to work at a multidisciplinary facility.  Immediately upon meeting they realized that their social, family and healthcare values were aligned. They were at a point in their careers where working for themselves made more sense than working for someone else. An opportunity appeared and they took the plunge.

Next, they had to choose a name and what better inspiration name their new hometown? Gateway Physiotherapy was chosen because they had both recently moved to North Bay and the nickname of "Gateway" to the North/opportunity really rang true for them. In fact, when they were designing the original logo, they were sitting in MJ’s apartment. Inspiration struck and they went running outside to Lee Park to see the "Arch". MJ drew the arch and it became Gateway Physiotherapy’s Logo for the first 8 years. 

Over the last 19 years, the Gateway family has grown into the well-oiled clinic that it is today, striving to treat every patient with the utmost respect and care.

What is in Gateway’s future?  Jody, another Physiotherapist, is now a certified Rost Therapist and can treat women that suffer from pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy. Also, Gateway Physiotherapy is the only clinic that offers gentle yoga for people suffering from chronic pain. We hope to develop more chronic pain services in the future.