A Hint of Summer

A Hint of Summer

Fresh air, warm sunshine, and a cool drink in your hand. That is what summer is all about. With summer finally upon us, it is time to think about outdoor activities.

Now, if you are like most people, you have already been finding reasons to go outside on those beautiful sunny days that hint of the warmth to come. But as we get older, the carelessness of youth deserts us. Where we used to run out the door in reckless abandon, heedless of the dangers of sun, heat, and dehydration, now we have reached the age of greater knowledge.

We know now that going out in the sunshine without proper protection (a minimum of SPF 15) can cause many health issues, including third degree burns and the dreaded “C” word. We know that the humidity can cause almost as much damage through heatstroke, leading to seizures and loss of consciousness (not to mention terrible hair). And we all know that dehydration can be just as dangerous.

The key thing is to use this knowledge and avoid the laziness that compels us to not bother with trivial things such as sunscreen, bug repellent, breathable attire, and water.

It is also our responsibility, as the more knowledgeable generation, to properly inform our younger counter-parts. Ignore the rolled eyes and the “whatever” expression on their faces and stress to them the importance of the decisions that we make right now. Right now, we can prevent disease and suffering by a few simple preventative measures.

So get out, enjoy that beautiful weather, but don’t be lazy, remember your health.