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Fitness Programs

Designed for you and your injuries

Post Medical Rehab Specialist (MET)

If you have suffered an injury, you may want to know how to keep active and strong to prevent further injuries.

A Medical Exercise Specialist is uniquely trained to provide medical exercises to a wide range of clients in need of supervised exercise programming.

Reasons to seeking the services of a Medical Exercise Specialist:


  • Has advanced competencies in anatomy and pathology, which establishes a solid foundation beyond the level of the traditional "personal trainer"
  • Is trained to develop conditioning programs for a wide range of clients with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, metabolic and neurological disorders.
  • Works in conjuction with your referring medical professional (physiotherapist, family physician) to develop a safe and effective conditioning program.
  • Designs safe and effective rehabilitation services.
  • Is trained to identify "red flags" which indicates that you may not be appropriate for an exercise program.
  • Understands how to identify any potential problem areas that may be exacerbated by exercise.

An MET develops safe and effective exercise programs that will enhance your overall health and well-being.

Get the right type of exercises based on your needs and injuries.

Lifestyle Management Program

Are you suffering from:

  • Diabetes?
  • Breathing problems?
  • Obesity?
  • Heart Problems?

If you are intimidated by going to a gym to exercise? If you are unsure which exercises are best for you , then the lifestyle program is just for you. Supervised by a Medical Exercise Specialist, you can improve your health and quality of life by exercising in a safe and supervised environment.

Fun Fit for kids

Research is clear, our children are not physically active enough and are at risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Our Fun Fit program teaches kids that moving and getting fit is fun!

Fun Fit is designed with your child in mind.

  • A healthy, safe environment.
  • Personal one on one sessions with an exercise specialist.
  • Focus is on having fun while getting fit.
  • Provides motivation to help kids take control of their health and start moving.

Here are some quick facts from the 2010 Report card on Physical activity for children and youth.

  • Only 12% of children and youth are meeting Canada’s guidelines of 90 minutes of physical activity per day.
  • Canadian youth are accumulating 6 hours of screen time on weekdays and over 7 hours on weekends. High screen time is associated with reduced academic achievement, as well as high-risk behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, and sexual intercourse.
  • Adolescents who participated in physical education every day decreased the odds of being overweight as adults by 28%.

We will provide,

  • An environment that caters to the current fitness level of your child.
  • A supervised exercise program that will get your child moving.
  • Program supervision with an Medical Exercise Specialist with training in sports conditioning, olympic-style weightlifting, and power lifting.

Our goal

To teach kids that physical activity can be fun and is beneficial to their health and academic outcomes.

We have a fitness program just for you!

To find out more about working with our Medical Exercise Therapist, call us at 474-4440.

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