Pain Care Yoga


Yoga for People in Pain

Yoga for Healing

Erinn Christie, RMT and Marie-Josée Forget PT are offering Yoga classes for people living with persistent pain. The classes will combine the wisdom of yoga with modern pain science research in order to educate patients about pain, and to help the healing process through gentle yogic movements, breathing techniques and body awareness exercises.

Our goal is to offer you the tools of knowledge, understanding, movement, and experience, to empower you as you work towards recovery.

No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Classes are small, and each person is encouraged to listen to their body while exploring safe movements and deepening their connection with their body and mind. We will be focusing on softening, lengthening, relaxing, breathing and finding positions, in which we can let go, be calm and smile! Each participant will be evaluated before engaging in the class.

Space is limited so sign up now for our Yoga classes for people in pain by calling us at