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Being Aware in October As I began researching for this month’s blog entry, I discovered just how many national and world awareness days, weeks, and months there are in October. According to the Health Canada website, there are ten designated awareness days, nine awareness weeks, and the entire month is dedicated to 12 causes. So I decided to do a spotlight on a few and share what our community is doing to help with these causes. Breast Cancer Awareness Month On October 13, 2016, our ver...
Posted on 2016-10-19
Sports Injury Facts and Prevention As health professionals stress the importance of physical activity, we strive to be more active in our daily lives. This may be joining different sports or biking or doing whatever activity suits you. But with increased activity comes an increased risk of injury. Between 2005 and 2006 there were 127,365 emergency room visits related to sports and recreation injuries in Ontario. These resulted in 2,982 hospitalizations, and 9,425 days admitted to hospital. How...
Posted on 2016-10-19
The Repercussions of Concussions We have all heard of concussions. While they are typically associated with athletes, they can happen to anyone. Everything from taking a hard hit on the football field to a car accident to a slip and fall on an icy sidewalk can cause a concussion. To explain it in simple terms, a concussion is a brain injury. It occurs when the brain strikes the interior of the skull. It can be caused by any direct or indirect hit to the head, face, neck, or any part of the bod...
Posted on 2016-08-18
Diabetes and Physiotherapy Let’s start with the facts: In 2015, it was estimated that approximately 1.5 million residents of Ontario currently suffer from diabetes and 2.27 million residents 20 years and older are in a pre-diabetic state. In a 2008/2009 report it was estimated that approximately 1 in 10 deaths of Canadian adults can be attributed to diabetes. Thankfully, there are treatment options thanks to over 3500 years of research and knowledge. Above and beyond the medical disco...
Posted on 2016-07-18
You Tube Spotlight – 2 great videos that highlights how the importance of our brain when we are in pain!   “The Drug Cabinet in the Brain” – Neuro Orthopaedic Institute NOI (5:44) David Butler of the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute explains how the natural painkillers in our brain operate. Essentially, the brain has many areas that produce pain-killing drugs such as opioids, endorphins, serotonin, and even a morphine more powerful than man-made medications. The brain...
Posted on 2016-06-19
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